Alia Al Falasi-Memories Left Behind 

This is about my memories and myself. You see two girls which are actually the same girl as a child and as an adult. The long braid demonstrates the memories that have been with me from my childhood till now.




Amira Al Sharif - Yemeni Dreams

29 years old photojournalist Amira Al-Sharif was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Yemen. Working as a female photojournalist in Yemen, where most of her fellow Yemeni photographers are male, she continues to push cultural and  societal boundaries. Working as a female photojournalist in Yemen. She worked as a freelancer for some English  newspapers and magazines in Yemen and abroad as Yemen Observer, the Spectrum Newspaper, National Yemen, Yemen Times, Yemeni magazine, and NY times. Read more




Asma Fasial

Decay - There are many things in life that can’t be taken back or changed and one of those things is Time. Time could take its toll on us; it could take our youth while we are busy chasing visions, it could take beauty from what’s surrounding us, but it can also add to our lives more than it takes. It can add grace and solidity to what once was little, quivering, and weak. It can make an everlasting memory of the things we used to pass by in the road or the neighborhood. Time gives us a new perception in life regardless of all things.

Iman - In every religion there’s a place where people can go and practice their faith and feel at ease. In Islam that place is the mosque, and the way I see it is more than just a place to practice our faith. The mosque is more like a sanctuary where you can go to and forget about life’s aggravation, a place that combines grace and serenity. It’s an architecture that has the power to capture our eyes as well as our hearts.

Gazing Away - Exploring the world was something I’ve always wanted to experience and maybe I didn’t see the whole world yet but I’ve started to see some parts of it and document every journey I go through. The places I’ve been have given me a glimpse of what other beauty lies out there, cultures that are unusual and moments I’ll always cherish.

Atiya Al Marri-Stand Tall

You have to stand tall for what you believe in and that's why I gave this photo this title. It inspires me and helps me to face the darkness around. I will stand tall for things I believe in.


Azza Al Owais-Out

A lot of people are threatened by and even jealous of those who know what they want in life and where they’re heading. Those that are jealous will try any means to bring that person down by using filthy acts like cheap talk and rumors. This ultimately drives that person away into isolation. But we have power to transform our isolation into empowerment that stares back at the world bravely, confidently, and beautifully!


Reem Al Falahi-Where is the Exit? 

I’ve been on this Earth since 1990. Since then, I’ve been trying to see the outside world in a positive way. But I feel that I’ve failed every time I’ve tried. But I’ll try again and again until I get rid of those walls which surrounded me

Roudha K. Al Shamsi-Short Life 

Our dreams and our true identity are powerful, but we hesitate in fulfilling them because we are afraid of making mistakes and getting lost. As a result, we shut our eyes from the Truth. This photo expresses the life and the dreams we can’t achieve because we are imperfect. Simply, our short lives are like a broken tape.